Facebook share from Media or camera

Jun 11, 2011
Hi there,

I'm using the ROM 1.11.11 on HTC Desire and even the ROM before had the problem I have now.
When I take a picture with the camera (I tried as well different camera apps to see if it was the cam app itself) and I go to the little thumbnail the big picture opens. I press Share and share it to Facebook.
Facebook app opens and shows the pic, and comment to the pic.
I share it and it closes down and is suppose to show the picture I shared once again in the Picture View.
It doesn't as well the picture is removed! If I open the camera app again the last picture shows in the small thumbnail as it should.
I can't press it, since the original picture is removed so the link is broken there I guess.

Now I don't know at ALL what is wrong. I hope you understand my blabbing here.
Same is when I do the same as above, but when in the Facebook application don't press send just back (so I don't share it) it as well removes the picture.

Now it seems like the Facebook application is the problem right?
Well, same version of application on a HTC Desire but with other ROM's (I tried some other) it works.
Since I love this ROM and want to keep it I hope someone out there can help me fix this issue, maybe next version will be a solution?

Keep up the good work you are doing with the ROM!
Nov 21, 2011
Same Problem

I have a captivate and i am running 1.11.18 and i had the same thing happen to me this weekend. I shared a picture with facebook and it disapeared from my phone. I love the rom and the only thing i would like is to be able to take a photo with the power button like i could when i was running cyanogen mod or continuum roms. That is the only thing i would change about this rom!!! nice work miui team!!!
Nov 1, 2011
Facebook share delete file

I got exactly the same problem.
When a picture is sharing with facebook, the picture file is deleted. It's fully reproductible.

Firstly, I take a picture. The file is appear in the correct directory :

Then, via Gallery, I share the file via Facebook

The file no longer appear in the directory. I need to choose in Explorer : All pictures. The file appear with an uncorrect date, and can't be opened :