Facing multiple bug/problems on Redmi note 8 (Ginkgo)


Sep 24, 2021
After flashing Redmi note 8 GINKGO on 12.5.1 EU I am facing multiple problems. I am specifing it below.

1. Browsers( specially chrome) taking a lot time 5/6 sec for opening with no other apps runng in background.

2. Taking screenshot with 3 fingers sometimes (work after trying 3 times) not work.

3. Adjust brightness problem is the worst. When max the brightness it don't work it stops from where I started. Also the same when I minimum the brightness. If I do this process slowly then it will work.

4. The full control center center is lagging . When I trun on or off data it don't work at the exact time. It takes some time for doing this.

Please solve the bugs and optimice the performance more.


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