Fail to flash any dev rom :/

Jul 20, 2018
Hi there !
I'm having trouble with my Mi 6 actually : i not able at all to flash any dev rom from (10, 9.6, 9.3) from TWRP ( sagit). Each time i wipe all except Usb OTG and push my rom via adb push. I tried to copy paste, and same thing :s
I have no issue while flashing, it tells "done" each time, no red line at all. But when i boot on system, it just show the MI logo for looooooooooooooooong (last time i stoped it after 45min :eek: ). I can flash Global dev rom without any problem.
I can write on my storage easily, no problem that side.
Does someone have any idea please ? :D

Edit : forgot to tell that it's unlock ;)
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