Feature request: Controllable backlighting brightness


Jan 12, 2011
Hey there!

I am using 31.12 MIUI ported for Moto Milestone (german pack by omnialcoholic and others). Since the very first version of MIUI I miss one feature, which you can find in other ROMs (basically all ROMs based on CyanogenMod6 and above):

The original setup for backlight levels is way to high on milestone. In the night you even get dazzled sometimes when you switch on. Also the dim level (that backlight brightness level the phone sets just some seconds before screen-off) is too high: On lowest backlight setting possible in MIUI, the dim level is higher. That results in the screen getting brighter just before it shuts off.

Can you somehow include a setup for backlight levels? (comparable to CyanogenMod - i.e. in dependence on light sensor values)
Or is there already a possibility to do so, e.g. in default.prop or similar?

Would be great! In any way: THANKS! MIUI rocks and kind of revived my milestone! :D
^^ omnialcoholic.....great :D...you made my day


(O__ò) How the heck??? That was some kinda typo (not really, but dunno). Did NOT want to accuse you of ANYTHING. ;) LFMAO. I'll leave it like that and not edit it. It's just to good. ;) ;)
fyi: Just saw this little, tiny line in the changelog of the upcoming version of MIUI (16.01):

Add automatic brightness can be adjusted brightness, later in the same environment will remember the brightness value after adjustment

Google translate makes it difficult to understand, but at least in the next version the automatic brightness values will be adjustable, as it seems. Still no word on the dim level though...
Just tried out new version of MIUI (14.01): New way to set display brightnesses is perfect and way below 20 (original setting of Motorola). THNX!

Still, the dim level is set to high. But thats more like a bug. I will post that into a new thread. This here can be closed, I think.