Feedback Mi 11 Pro MIUI V14.0.6.0. STABLE


Apr 19, 2023
Right forum?!
Just bricked my mi 11 lite 5g (sd780)
By latest OTA update miui 14.xxxx
Tried powerbutton and volume down but just hanging on FASTBOOT... No options
Normal start to sim pin
And then >
6 pin changed to 4 pin and second room
Again tried my 4 pin for this.. no luck

Any suggestions or direction to other forum?
Per Copenhagen Scandinavia
until now happy xiaomi user
Now on Mi 10T lite (updates no thx)
Sendt fra min M2007J17G med Tapatalk

Oh tried volume UP and Power.
Solved ( Kind of..)
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Nov 10, 2018
There are so many bugs at 14.0.6 and I don't understand waiting for more than 3 month for an update. If I wouldn't need so much time to downgrade and install all banking apps I would do it directly..
But I know, it's a Xiaomi problem. Not from
But I'm angry using an expensive phone like iphone or Samsung with so many bugs each time they roll out a new update
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