Few Questions Regarding Redmi 3

Jan 13, 2016
Hello you all.
First of all i want to say, that im new in Xiaomi phones, so sorry if i ask stupid questions.

So i bought Redmi 3, and it has (i think) official global rom with multilanguage (it says so in phone settings miui version).
My friend has Mi4C and his phone says that it has rom from xiaomi.eu.

So first question is it possible to install xiaomi.eu rom?
As my Redmi3 front buttons doesnt light up - is there no light or its just a matter of ROM? as There even no function in settings to turn them on, and friends mi4C has this function.
Theres also no possibility to active screen by 2 times tapping on the screen (mi4c has this function). Is this a matter of ROM phone using or Phone model?

Thank you for answers.
Jan 24, 2015
Redmi 3 xiaomi.eu ROM is not available yet... sorry.
Soft buttons in REDMI 3 do not light up...
The activate screen funtion is not available in REDMI 3...