First timer flashing a Xiaomi Phone


Aug 19, 2020
Hey guys i'm from Portugal just recently bought a xiaomi pocophone f2 pro out of it's amazing however I noticed a lot of ads and would like to switch to a rom.
Last time I flashed a phone was long time ago a Samsung Galaxy S3 xD Kind of remember a bit of the adb commands however just to see if any of you guys could walk me trough.
I already asked to unlock the bootloader since I needed yesterday to wait 138 hours to unlock it on Mi Unlocker I was looking to do it next wednesday.
Here's what I have currently on my build.
So from what I checked i need to unlock bootloader, flash twrp, and so on...

I just want something reliable with OTA updates meaning i'll get a notification and don't need to wipe the phone everytime an update comes.
My question is go with Stable MIUI 12 (android 10) or the weekly builds (android 11).
And also yesterday was reading and some people were complaining about the magisk apparently not rooting atm ?

I just want a refresh so I don't brick my new phone please :D

TY all, safe flashing

Also posted current version to know if i can actually do it without bricking my phone.
Cause doubt warranty's gonna help xD


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Dec 5, 2014
you need to install latest Minimal ASD and Fastboot drivers to your Windows PC.
I unlocked bootloader on Monday, thats the way i proceeded then
boot phone into fastboot
in fastboot check with ' fastboot devices' if phone is recognized
I use this TWRP-3.4.2B-0623-REDMI_K30PRO-CN-wzsx150
Copy TWRP into your windows/progamme (x86)/Minimal ADB and Fastboot directory

1. fastboot flash recovery TWRP-3.4.2B-0623-REDMI_K30PRO-CN-wzsx150.img
2. fastboot boot TWRP-3.4.2B-0623-REDMI_K30PRO-CN-wzsx150.img
3. in TWRP format data, confirm by typing yes
4. in TWRP reboot to recovery
5. transfer latest beta to smartphone
6. install in twrp
7. wipe cache and davlik in TWRP
8. Reboot phone in TWRP into system
All is working fine . No Magisk, no Root