New For all those with battery drain on SGS2

Mar 20, 2012
Since there are a lot of SGS2 users complaining about batterylife, overheating while charging and draining like a sewage pipe, I thought I share my solution.

I've had the problem myself, the first thing to try is a clean install. Or at least wipe cache and dalvik. Wiping battery stats might also help.

Then, make sure you don't use the stock Miui lockscreen. Don't use it. Try any other from Miui themes.

Let the battery drain until it's ready to die. Charge it back up, let it sit on the charger even after it's full.

Chances are you won't be bugged again. I can't guarantee it though, since I'm using another kernel (siyah 5.0.1) as well. :D
Apr 29, 2012

yesterday my phone charged normal up to 80% then it was hot.
Now i uninstalled swype because i read something about akku problems (not only miui, generally)
so atm i use default lockscreen without swype and it charges normal, let's see how long:):):):)
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Apr 29, 2012

charged up to 99%, stopped and was very very hot
my lovely phone:(

whats just the problem???????????? arghhh

next test will be without stock ls and without swype, hope jelly bean miui or miui v5 for sgs2 will be released sooooon without this f* bug
Feb 29, 2012
I'm having this problem as well on my sg2 also it keeps waking up without me touching it.
The lockscreen keeps turning on and off for several times in a row, draining the battery a lot faster than normal.

I'm having to put it on charge in the early evening and I'm not using it that much.
When I'm at work the WiFi and data are off and when I get home the battery stands at around 60% after having perhaps 1 or 2 short calls and some sms'