Frequent reboots/boot loops on Desire GSM/1.7.2


Jun 21, 2011
Hi guys,

My HTC Desire running MIUI 1.7.2 keeps rebooting spontaneously, often after using the Market or Appbrain, and often goes into a bootloop as well.

When it's back up, most of the widgets in the Launcher/widget selector are gone. This can usually be remedied by installing or uninstalling an app (doesn't matter which one).

I should add I had this issue with 1.7.1 and 1.6.xx as well, and I wonder if it's related to the theme I use (Twisted MIUI dark version). Before I started using this things *seemed* to be OK.

Any ideas anyone?
my inspire 4g started doing this on 1.7.1, not before it.

i just wiped and clean installed to test it some more.
Hmmm... pretty sure it's the theme, as with standard theme there seems to be much less of an issue. Can anyone refer me to a thread about Twisted MIUI?
It seems that my random reboots were fixed by the full wipe and clean install.

McAfee Mobile Security (ex wave secure) still crashes upon registering, but it works after a titanium backup restore (it does one FC after a reboot tho)

I never changed themes.
bleh, i had one (only one, less frequent :p) random reboot.
i was using the sound recorder, with the screen off.

i nandroided back to last week version.
I've been experiencing reboots when using 1.7.1 on my HTC desire. It seems to happen when entering the password at the lockscreen. I'm using a custom theme as well.