Full Screen Caller ID does not answer to call


Jul 7, 2011
I use the application Full Screen Caller ID to have the photo or a video of the caller.

However, this application does not answer when some make a call.

I am pretty sure that the bug is not in the application but in this ROM.
it is working on my phone. I'm using 6.0.2 version of FSCI.
Is the service started on yours?

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I have uninstall and install again, it does not work.
I have the 6.0.2 paid version of MSCI.

In Settings => Programs / Application => Application manager => in work application => there is no FSCI. But, if the application is correctly done, no service must be run, only a "record" to an intent must be done.

Is the service is running on your phone ? How do you check it ?