New Gamma, Alioth color distortion


Jun 19, 2021
if you turn off and turn on the screen, the calibration falls, gamma will break

play > find a dark video, before that change the color scheme a couple of times, set the default to bright, turn off / on the screen on the video, the gamma is highlighted after that, you will also see distortions of gray and some black tones, in any color scheme, until you start changing it again or reboot ... All improvements are disabled > transition smoothing and auto tone control

this bug is not in the global version, if you disable the "transition smoothing and auto tone control" improvements, but it is present in, which distorts colors and brightens the gamma, what happens? rather, after turning off, turning on the screen, improvements are turned on, but they are not activated in the settings

Since the bug is complex, only Poco F3 \ K40 owners can check it by installing the global firmware and then or take 2 smartphones and compare

1675731528088.jpg 1675731528097.jpg

my guess is that firmware includes an improvement forcibly namely "transition alignment and automatic tone control" > bug, after turning off and turning on the screen, although the settings remain disabled in appearance, in fact we see color distortions and an inflated gamut.

If you turn off improvements on the global firmware version, there are no such color distortions after turning off and turning on the screen, no matter how many times you change the color calibration or turn off and turn on your screen.

I hope I have clearly described the problem, although I repeated it many times, but this is so that there would be no unnecessary questions

since it's a matter of color and gamma distortion, do you need a bug report? it is very doubtful o_O
this is a problem since the very first release of for alioth, maybe the chinese version of the firmware is to blame? maybe I didn't install it.
now i'm on indonesian 13.0.5 no such problem here
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