Gmail syncing and MMS issue.


Dec 18, 2011
Running on a Galaxy S2.

Sorry to combine two problems, but I need some advice. Running the latest version, 2.3.30 and noticed a few issues.
If I open messaging and add a photo to send as mms, the messaging app hangs and then reports it has to close. The photo is one taken with the camera. I've even tried go sms and other sms programmes to see if its a but with the messaging app but it still does it. 9 times out of 10 when I attached a photo, hit send, it bugs out. I can't even open messaging anymore for regular sms. Only solution is to keep trying to open until I can quickly delete the message with the photo attached. It then works fine, until I attach another of course.

The other issue is more annoying than problematic. When I open gmail and delete a message from my inbox, it doesn't disappear from the web version.
For example, I open gmail on the phone, delete the top 4 messages in the inbox, go to my pc and check gmail and they still are there. I've tried manually syncing and nothing. It seems to only delete them from the phones screen and not gmail itself, which is pointless to me.

I came from the previous version of miui so just installed the new zip to "upgrade" my phone. Should I have done a complete wipe and install? If so, does the built in miui backup work from an old version to a new version when installing a new version?