Goodbye China?

Aug 30, 2016
Please note that I have asked this question at XDA, unfortunately no response. I am asking a sMIUI related question here because I understand it uses Xiaomi EUeu as its base? So:

Hi everyone. This is going to be an embarrassing question I'm sure but I'm completely confused. Is it not the case that one key benefit of using Xiaomi EU/sMiui is so you can cut all ties with the Xiaomi servers?

Reason I ask is because when I install CM based ROMs on my Redmi note 2, they run fine. No Xiaomi servers requiring activation for the phone etc. I bought the phone second hand and someone has activated/linked a 'Mi' account to this phone, therefore I cannot install stock MIUI ROM.

But even deselecting all of the 'Mi' parts when cooking the sMIUI ROM results in the activate block. Now whilst this ultimately is OK because I can use CM on this phone, it made me wonder about Xiaomi/sMiui more generally.

I have a new Redmi Note 3 as does my girlfriend. Whilst both are respectively registered with Mi accounts to each of us, I want MIUI 8 on both but don't want any link to Xiaomi/China servers. I actually intend to decouple the phones from our Mi accounts.

Is there actually any way to get a clean install of MIUI with NO link to Chinese servers or apps?

Thanks for listening to my rant and thanks in advance for your assistance. Yes I've searched and read widely which is why I thought sMiui was way too go because I believe Xiaomi EU still stays linked although it does remove some of the apps...

Essentially I want to run MIUI with all of the proper drivers etc so the device runs well but don't want to link back to China to have o activate that phone to any Mi account. Possible? All phones officially unlocked (RN3 are rooted also)