Google car home shows that it installs, but never appears.



Google car home only starts when youbput your phone in to a dock. You need to find theCar home launcher apk. I just recently went through the same thing.


Nov 13, 2010
When I install MIUI, I flash Gapps, and I get an icon I can open. You could try that. It should be safe to flash at any time, but it may downgrade other gapps you have. You would be able to just update them via the market, though, so no big deal, IMO.

11/14 Gapps:

Edit: that file is for the Evo. Sorry. May work in other phones for all I know, but, if not, check the CyanogenMod site. That's where I always get it.


MIUI Android Staff
Nov 7, 2010
I have same problem on Nexus One with 0.12.24, I can install Google Car Home from market but I can't find/open/use it on the phone. What's wrong with it ?


Nov 12, 2010
You can long press any homescreen, add a shortcut to "activity" car home.

and... from xda:

Car home contains two components, the activity (this is the app we're updating) and the launcher. The activity contains the guts of the program, but the Launcher allows it to show up in the app drawer.
If you're using CM6, you have CarHomeLauncher.apk already in system/app and just need to install the file. If you are not using CM6, then you may need to install both the Launcher and the carhome apk if the carhome app doesn't show up in the app drawer.

adb remount
adb shell
mv /system/app/CarHomeGoogle.apk CarHomeGoogle.apk.bak

install attached apks. Let me know if there's issues.

As an aside, both LauncherPro and ADW have the capabilities to create shortcuts for activities, bypassing the need of the Launcher, but it still will not show up in the drawer.