Google Installer from Mi Market can't use Data to download Google apps

Jul 5, 2014

I purchased a Xiao Mi phone and I'm trying to install Google Play, I have downloaded the 'Google Installer' app by Eric Xiang from the Mi Market but when I run it I get the message 'Google installer has been restricted from using WLAN networks' and if I switch WiFi off I get 'Google installer has been restricted from using Data networks'.

All other apps such as email, web browsing and Mi Market access data both on 3G and Fifi without any problems.

If anyone knows a solution to get round this, or even another way to install Google Apps withougt restriction I would be an extremely happy person:)

Many thanks :)
Jul 18, 2014
Hi Tiltowait,

I had a similar problem just now, but mine was a bit different, all apps has been restricted from using Data networks. Manage to start them all up via your directory. But turning off of the data was not done by me. Any clue how did this happen?
Oct 10, 2013
It's done by default by the Security application. It's a bad decision by Xiaomi, but you can't tell them anything, they think they know better than everyone.