Google Keyboard missing

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi 3' started by InfinityX, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Hi... I was newbie user in MIUI from Thailand . I got MI3 (WCDMA) for last week.
    it come with 4.7.4 Dev.rom I updated it to 4.7.11 by OTA after that
    and 4.7.11 it have bug (can't run on some game and loop reboot when connect to WiFi in someplace).
    It make me decide move to Stable rom 18.0 flash by Recovery mode and Full Wipe all data
    for avoid any bug. but unfortunately... Google keyboard was missed.
    I try to resolve this problem by Flashback to 4.7.11 in same process
    when device start by 4.7.11 dev. rom ,Google Keyboard was missing too...

    How can I resolve this problem ;( Help me please
  2. Thankyou so much!, previously I don't see it when try to search it in Playstore on mobile
    and when I try to search on PC isee it ,but it say "not competible with you device"
    only one that can install it by Playstore PC version was my mom Zenfone 5 (I logged in my account on Zen5 too)
    I try to install it to Zen5 ,when finish install it have something weird happen
    all another device of me can install it include MI3 :)

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