Google Maps Issue and Xaga


Jan 8, 2019
Hi guys!
I hard bricked my phone twice, so Xiaomi changed my poco x4 gt motherboard..
Now I have a new motherboard but I am facing an old issue with global stable (EEA version).

When I open Google maps, which I use a lot in walking mode, my location's blue point doesn't show the direction.
To be clear, Google maps doesn't use the compass to calculate my direction.. If you click on "calibrate".. It uses AR to give the current direction by camera. This means every time I use Google maps I have to open the camera. Without doing it, I have no direction at all.
This is not an hardware issue.. Seems to be a miui / play services mess..
If you clear Google maps cache and data.. It solves for a while... If you clean Google service cache and data.. It solves.. But after a while.. The issue is back again.

Is this problem present in the version? Is anyone facing it? I found people with other xiaomi devices.. And same issue.