Google Play Services 4.1 reduces battery-use

Sep 2, 2013
I saw today an article about the release of version 4.1 of google play services.
Several improvements mentioned, but the most relevant for me was improvement of battery-usage.
So I installed it an hour ago and ...

In my current rom (Mokee Kitkat 4.4.2) in idle (with all communication on (bluetooth, wifi, 3G)) my Mi2S used to dissipate some 6% to 7% per hour.
With the new apk installed, in the last hour it used 4% !!!

Still not optimal, but a lot better.

See for details.
Jan 9, 2013
Wait, do you mean even when you're not using your phone (i.e. screen off), it's draining 4%/hour? If so, that's actually really poor. I'm on the Mi2S as well and am draining at 1%/hr at most, usually much less. I'm on WIUI tho.

For example, in the past 6.5 hours while I was sleeping, mine drained 2%.

Swyped from my Mi2S