Google voice icon disappearing.


Nov 13, 2010
Hey guys

I downloaded n installed 11.12 on my evo. Everything is working great except my google voice icon keeps off disappearing. When I restart the icon is there, but when I open up the app n close it the icon no longer on there. I can use google search n launch the app again so it's still installed. Anyone else having this problem?

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i have similar problems with apps disapearing, but from my folders (i have most of them in folders)

sometimes when i click on an app, on a particular folder (always a random folder problem, when it happens), the one AFTER it gets opened. The last app in the folder is not available that way.

A reboot fixes it.

I can't use gvoice cause im in Argentina, but, do you have it as a system app ?

MIUI ships with an older one, so maybe if you replace the system one with the latest one ON the system partition, something good might happen :p