Google Voice isn't working


Nov 28, 2010
The title pretty much says it all. I haven't been able to get Google Voice outbound call routing to work on any version of MIUI. Has anyone else had any different luck?
I had no idea I had to enable it, for anyone else that doesn't know you go to settings-->common-->call settings. At the bottom enable third party monitoring. Then uninstall and then reinstall Google voice app and configure. This should work.
It worked for me. I didn't have to uninstall, just changed the google voice call settings to "Do not use google voice" and then back to "use google voice to make all calls".
Did you get it to work? I also enabled third party calling, and reselected it to make all calls but when I go to make call, it just calls immediately with a normal call and wont give me the option to use Google voice.
Any other suggestions?
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