New Google Wallet not showing passes


May 17, 2023
I have attempted to add the following to Google Wallet:

airline boarding pass

They are for flights next weekend.

When I try and add them it appears to be succesfull but the passes aren't show in in the Google Wallet app. When I try and add the boarding pass again for a second time Google Wallet says they're already added.

But if I open Google Wallet they still aren't showing. I also checked in expired passes.

Google Play store says all apps are up to date. Phone is Redmi Note 9 Pro, MIUI Global 14.04.0(SJZEUXM). Google wallet version 2.189.528496136

I uninstalled the Google Wallet update and the app reverted to Google Pay 2.138.406141160. I now see the boarding passes in Google Pay.

If I update Google Pay to 2.141.420849731 the passes dissapear and the app changes to Google Wallet.

So, what's the long term solution please - since I would prefer to use Google Wallet ? :)

Edit to add: Factory reset phone and now seems to be OK
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