HD2 1.8.26 Nand kernel open failed


Mar 14, 2011
After applying 1.8.26, restarting, getting this message: Nand kernel open failed (in red)

Tried 2 times, luckily I made a fresh backup, so now Im restoring second time.

Tried, but stuck at the HTC-logo (green on black) Out with battery, tried once more, but no! Back to restore 1.8.19...

But thanks anyway :)
I now have the same issue as pederbar here.
I'd like to restore 1.8.19 as well, but I deleted the install files upfront. Does anyone have links, because I can't seem to find any, other than customized version at sites like XDA.
same problem here. had to use another Rom on xda. newer kernel and better gps libs by the way...
Did the same; first installed 1.8.26, then flashed Tytung r11 update (without reboot) and there it was.
Also had to change mac-address in my wireless router, r11 has a new mac-address, and I am filtering!

So: Working, for now!