Help ! - Cannot Bind Device To Account, Cannot Unlock

May 9, 2018
I've got a Redmi Note 4 device, stuck in bootloop error.
cannot start in recovery mode, still in bootloop
tried to flash, but its locked (fastboot getvar unlocked:result: no )
tried to unlock, asked permission, permission granted, but the unlock tool says "Current account not bound to this device"
the only way to bind devide to account is through the Phone App, and I didn't it before, now the phone does not start so I cannot bind it to account
I ask you if there is a way to bind device to account without using the phone, because it is stuck in bootloop and it does not start in any of the ways I tried
I can send of stickers showing serial and imei numbers, if needed to register the device to my account
please is there anything you can do for help?
thank you