Help get MIUI for Atrix 2

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May 16, 2011
Hello MIUIandroid users!

I was wondering if you guys will like MIUI for the Atrix 2? I currently do not have one but im trying to save up for one. Im part of a dev group and i have knowledge of alot of android. I have the Atrix 1 and working on a port for that one for the time being. If you guys will like to donate a Atrix 2 to me or another dev to start working on it as soon as CM7 is released then please post here saying youll love to donate. Anything will do for the time being. Thank you and have a nice day!

Donations are to be sent to
Thanks to the person who voted yes :) got some more donation recently over at xda. Really close to getting one than I can help with the locked bootloader,cm7, and miui.