Help. Mi2s Turns Off

May 25, 2014
Hey guys, I really need help with my phone. I recently switched to cm 12.1 but due over heating issues I went back to stock miui. After a couple of hours I noticed the phone was hot and off. I turned it on again and it started to work "fine".
I tried to make a call and it turned off again, tried to turn it on again and when it booted it turned off again, I took off the sim card to test, it booted but after a while it turned off again. Now with the sim card I noticed it turns off when the signal is about to go "on", after that it just turn off.
So I tried today to downgrade to miui 5 and the same happens.

Any ideas of what's wrong with it? It could be a battery issue or anything else? I'm really worried about it.

Hope you all can help me
Mar 23, 2012
i think i am experiencing the same issue. before this i frequently use the bm30 battery since i bought mi2s in 2013. it started happen a few months ago. after i change the battery to bm20 which come with the phone (i never use it before), the issue closed. but then it started to happen again. strange that i rarely use the bm20 and the issue happen very fast. i have tried to flash different rom from different developers but still happen. i have a few guess on the caused :

1) caused by certain rom. you see, i use bm30 for almost 3 years and the bm20 just recently but both happen the same issue
2) caused by batteries. the battery life is around 3 years or so whether you use it or not. (need mi2/mi2s/mi2a users to confirm this)

still this need a lot of confirmation from other users as well.

so, did you buy a new phone or new battery? its hard to find replacement battery for mi2 in where i live. i'll be glad if someone can point me the online website that sell authentic/original battery for mi2 especially bm30