Help! Patchrom error!


May 12, 2012
Hey everyone, i am at the "build fullota" step on trying to port to the galaxy s2 skyrocket. I'm getting an error that makes NO sense to me.

/android-sdk-linux/patchrom/tools/apktool --quiet d -f /android-sdk-linux/patchrom/miui/system/app/MiuiSystemUI.apk out/MiuiSystemUI
/android-sdk-linux/patchrom/tools/ >/dev/null MiuiSystemUI out/MiuiSystemUI
>>> build out/MiuiSystemUI.apk...
cp: cannot stat `MiuiSystemUI': No such file or directory
make: *** [out/MiuiSystemUI.apk] Error 1

If you look in the system/app/ folder the miuisystemui.apk is there, it decompiles to the out folder, and you can find it there, but it wont build!? Its driving me insane i am so close!

I dont know how it cant say the file isnt there, it totally is!