[Help] Time zone issue

Apr 3, 2013
Hi guys,
I got a problem with time zone and alarm clock.
The time shown by the clock is right GMT+8, but in apps (like WhatsApp, messaging and email) the time is 6 hour before GMT+2(European time).
This happens even setting time zone manually, after every reboot the issue is back.
Only workaround up to now is to set time zone manually after every boot
I got this problem since 4.9.5, but I don't update my ROM on a weekly base, might be there since a couple of weeks.
Wipe doesn't solve it, I got the same problem right after reboot even on 4.9.12 fresh install.
As you see in the screenshot Time on clock and time to alarm don't match.
Anyone else experiencing this?
Any idea about it?
Best regards,