Help with rom that wont boot and cant grab a logcat

Sep 14, 2011
ok, im porting MIUIandroid v4.1.2 (jelly bean) rom for the T mobile Samsung Galaxy s2 t989 (Samsung Hercules), i grabed the d2tmo ( t mobile galaxy s3 ) miui android port as base, cuz they are similar in a few things, first before samsung logo i was getting a black screen or the famous SoD ( Screen Of Death ) and i keept playing with framework.jar until i get to the boot animation, but it keeps looping in the xiaomi logo ( yellow MI logo ) but i cant grab a logcat to know what im missing.

can some one give me a little help or point me to a good guide, but is for MIUI ICS (v4.o).

i want this phone in the miuiandroid family 2 its a good device :)

regards :)