hi everybody. how to install MIUI on a unknown device?

Jul 28, 2011
hi. i'm new on this forum, and i'm italian so excuse me for my english.
i have a problem. i've got a smartphone, a CECT Star A5000. it's very much like the HTC Desire Z, but it hasn't the retractable qwerty keyboard. it has installed android 2.2.1 (froyo) but i want change it installing a MIUI rom and if possible the italian pack. but in every site i can't find a version of the rom for my smartphone. where and how can i contact the MIUI team to speak with them about a MIUI rom for no-branded devices such as my?
i hope someone will help me. thanks anyway.
Apr 24, 2011
Yes, I would like to know that too as I am planning to buy a no name brand phone on android 2.2 from China.

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