New High power usage other apps - Gallery bug


Nov 19, 2021
Hi team,

I was getting really bad battery life and I noticed my "power consumed by other apps" usage was really high, around 50%-60%.
Using a CPU usage tool I could see one of the cores was always at 100% usage.

I did a few tests to figure out which app was responsible and I figured it was the MIUI gallery.

When I would disable the media access permission on the Redmi 9T the problem would go away.
I went on to finding out the cause was a 4K 60fps H265 video I had rendered on my PC video editing software and I had transferred to my phone.
I fixed the issue by deleting all videos that were not produced by the phone.

I own the Redmi 9T (stock ROM) and the Mi 10 Ultra (EU ROM) and I've experienced this bug on both so in wondering if anyone else has?
My Samsung phones have never had this issue.

To note: The video file was not corrupt in anyway. Just the MIUI gallery not agreeing with it. The video would show in the gallery fine and would playback fine. Just something in the background.

On the Redmi 9T I noticed shorter battery life and occasional lag.
On the Mi 10 Ultra I noticed significantly less battery life