Home key (single short press) does nothing

Jun 23, 2013
I am one day old on MIUI :) and getting the hang of the interface.
Something confusing: The Home key appears to do nothing on a single press.
I notice that you can assign an action for a long press, but no ability to define this for a short press.
I am used to the following on stock and other ROMs when in an app:
Single press = either close app or go to Home screen
Double press = programmable (default usually current/recent app list)
Long press = programmable (default usually task list)

Not being able to put return to the home screen (putting the current app in background) is a serious problem for me. How do I switch between apps without this?

UPDATE: There are a couple of other niggles so I am reflashing. I saw reference on a web page that the Home button should return you to the home screen.
Sep 22, 2011
Hi, welcome to MIUI! :)

The home button should indeed bring you to the home screen. Did you flash GApps directly after flashing the ROM? This can cause the error you are seeing. There is a notice on the download post:

"Notice: GApps are no longer included! (not for Xiaomi devices)
Please flash ROM, REBOOT, and then flash Gapps.
Do NOT flash them back to back! It will cause Home button not working..!"