Hongmi not charging

Dec 25, 2013
Hi, I bought my phone from ********** about 2 weeks ago and it has stopped charging. The phone seems to be real, right bundle, specs, OS, etc. Tried the cable in other phones and that works, but the phone won't charge. Any ideas on how to fix it or should I send it back?
How do I do a warranty claim?
Jun 22, 2011
i have other problem... my phone when is charging until 95 % and then stops the leds goes green and reboots and make bootloops... ??? when i unplug it and goes to 94 and less works... then i charge it back to till 95 and the same... is it battery problem??? i made battery calibratios from CWM and with app... and nothing????


Aug 5, 2011
1st on the back of the box you should have a label with a web site address and a code.
You should go to that web site and insert the code in the respective fields to confirm if is a real one or not. It will be all in Chinese but is pretty much straight forward so I'm sure any one can do it.

2nd is that happening since you have it. Because that seems to be software related so I suggest you to change to a different version and see if the issue persists