New HongMi TD 3.11.8 Multi - Screen Very Slow To Wake after Notifications

Oct 30, 2013
I have searched for an answer to this and have found one other user with a similar problem but no answer was offered.

I have a HongMi TD on which I have tried the most recent ROM and the previous release. The issue I have is that when the phone is sleeping (screen off either due to inactivity or because I have pressed the power button) and receives a notification message I cannot get the screen to come back on immediately after pressing the power button.

When I hear the notification and press the power button to wake the phone nothing will happen for about a minute. After that time the screen will come on by itself.

I have tried pressing repeatedly, pressing just once, tapping the soft buttons but it makes no difference.

When I install the ROM I do not change any settings, just install apps so I am not sure if it can be fixed with the settings alone.

I have just gone back to stock today so unfortunately I can't get a logcat showing the problem. If it will really help I will put the multi rom back on and try to get a logcat.