How do I update mi browser?

Would you like to request to be able to provide some signed versions of the new

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Jan 13, 2024
I have xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK40_POCOF3_V14.0.8.0.TKHCNXM_v14-13 ROM with browser version 13.38.0-gn

While there are similar threads in the forum, it's outdated and the euROM for my k40 has stopped updating.

Now is newer browser version

I dowload apk (14.2.5-gn), but can not , In install process wrote about application signature conflict.

After copilot's help, I used keytool to extract the signatures of the official version and the browser from euROM.

The extracted apps were found to have two different signatures, one for ingbrzy from and the other for MIUI from Xiaomi.
I now have the 14.2.5-gn apk, and I'm requesting that the team be able to re-sign this apk with your signature so that I might be able to upgrade it.
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