How to block app uninstallation?

Sep 22, 2014

Is it possible to make program unistallation impossible in MIUI-JLB 42.0? Maybe an app I can find from Settings/Apps and disable?

I have tried to get Funamo Accountability web filtering ( ) to work in Xiaomi Mi2S. Funamo app works fine, but it is super easy to uninstall, just drag icon to trash can or clear it's data from MIUI newly updated Security app. I quess there might be even more ways to make Funamo filtering not to work from Task manager etc.

Funamo auto starts fine and blocks access (without password) to Funamo Settings, MIUI Settings and Google Play. Everything works as it should be BUT uninstallation of the software, which is by far the most important thing to do when blocking access to porn pages / porn related software.

Any ideas? Funamo support team just told me to refer to FAQ which didn't answer my questions. Here is some most relevant parts of this FAQ list:


My kid uninstalled/stopped Funamo. How can I prevent him/her from doing it?

......Some devices may have a special uninstaller or a shortcut to uninstall or stop apps without opening Settings. For example, Samsung devices have their own TouchWiz interface which has a menu item to uninstall apps directly. If this is the case, you can enable Funamo as Device Administrator to prevent user from uninstalling Funamo without your password. Simply open Funamo and go to Account settings, check "Enable Device Admin" option. For better security, you may also consider enabling "Protect Device Admin" which prevents deactivating Funamo device admin in the Settings app while Funamo protection is on. If you want to uninstall Funamo later, please make sure that you deactivate it by unchecking both "Enable Device Admin" and "Protect Device Admin".

My kid uses task manager/application manager app to kill Funamo. How can I prevent him/her from doing it?

If the task manager is an app that was installed by your kid, you can either uninstall it or put it in the protected app list. If the task manager comes with the phone, you can disable it as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Click either Apps or Application manager
  3. Select the All tab so you can see the preinstalled apps
  4. Click the task manager app and click Disable button
After it is disabled, user can no longer open it. Please make sure that you do NOT enable the Allow settings option under Funamo->Account settings, because with access to Settings, your kid will be able to re-enable the app.

- See more at:


Could it be possible that Funamo support team / other related android app support teams are not familiar with MIUI and therefore gives unrelevant advice? If so, could you help me?