how to change from rom eu to global stable ?


Sep 16, 2019
how to change from rom eu to global stable ?

xiaomi mi 9
why do you want to change? you download latest global stable,i put it on my sd card, boot into recovery, format data, install global, wipe cache and dalvik, reboot, Will you let me know if the wallpaper carousel works on global, i tried it before and it would not work, enjoy thanks, make sure you backup to the cloud first

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Nov 10, 2019
vice versa.... my phone mi 9t was bricked - boot loop.. then I flash entire official miui11 global for mi 9t.. using mi flash tool...

so if I want to root again.. do I need to request permission again to unlock and how to root my mi 9t with this new miui 11.. is it the same way rooted my device before... I've used twrp 3.3.1-2 (4PDA) and magisk to root...

Thanks in advance...