How to disable a keyboard?


Dec 11, 2010

Am trying to run Swype Beta (it's open btw)
but am getting a limited functionality error.
so someone suggested to rerun the installer again.
so I did, the problem is I can't disable the keyboard.
I don't want to uninstall it, I want to disable it.
I've been wondering this as well. Every boot my keyboard changes to WiiRemoteIME, pretty annoying when I don't see a keyboard pop up when I do a reboot. There doesn't appear to be a way to do this -- yet.
At least you can download the apk :)

I have registered for the open beta, but when I go to the link provided by email (after activation mail) my phone does not open the page. Might be because I am on 3G instead of Wifi

Anybody else having this problem or the OP's problem?

I am using the standard KB that comes with MIUI, till I have resolved things I won't be swyping :)

Same problem here. its pretty frustrating. Has anyone tried to flash another ROM..say lithium, install swype, backup apps w/Titanium, then reflash to MIUI again and restore apps? Sounds like a lot of work just to get swype going again so i havent done it yet.
Ok I am swyping as we speak and it's blazingly fast!

Download went ok via wifi and install was no problem.i am on 11.19 if that helps

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