Tutorial How To Flash Xiaomi.eu Rom [tutorial]

Jan 11, 2019
Yes you can install the weekly over the stable with preferably only a cache wipe.
PS make for security reasons always a TWRP backup prior to flashing.
Going back to an older stable version might require a system and or data wipe before flashing as the older stable system files might be incompatible with the weekly updates.

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Thanks a lot @hblek , I'll keep those points in mind.
Dec 10, 2017
excuse me, i want to know about he wipe in the new twrp there is Data, Dalvik/Cache and Cache. do i check all 3 of them?
Wiping cache and Dalvik/Art cache is never a problem and is reccomemded to be done always, but as it simply clears the working cache. The cache is only a last stage of the last status of aps to allow quick reopening. If not available the system has to reopen the app from scratch. Loading of incorrect ca he data can prevent errors. For this reason it is always reccomemded to clear the cache and Dalvic/Art cache after flashing.
Wiping data might be only required after restoring an older version of the OS. Wiping data will the OS return to factory settings.

Wiping of system is only required in case of installation of complete new rooms. Wiping of system during OTA update will result in a soft brick or bootloop.

Wiping of manufacturer data should never be done. This will remove all drivers and imei.

Wiping cache after OTA update is normally not required. Wiping cache however is always reccomended. The only drawback is that a restart takes a little. More time.

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Aug 31, 2018
thank you for the complete info
i have another question, after i read people say it best use dev 9 8.1.24 for mi5 but i want to install the latest stable and i have base china stable latest
is there any difference if i use the latest china stable or china dev 9 8.1.24 as base?
Dec 10, 2017
Hi Andar.
You can unlock your bootloader install TWRP and install the desired rom version with TWRP. If you downgrade the rom version with an older version you have to wipe the data section. If you forget this it might result in a soft brick/bootloop. If this happens, you can don't bother. The Return to recovery and you can still do the data wipe. Take into consideration that you loose all data.
If you havto keep any data, you have to backup it manually and store it to your sd, an external medium via an USB otg cable or to your computer.
When you go from a standard miu version the data section is encrypted. Some. TWRP versions support decription. If not you have to wipe your data also. Xiaomi.eu roms are not encriped.

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Dec 15, 2018
I'm just a couple of hours away from passing the 360 hours waiting period.

Is it safe trying to unlock the device a couple of minutes after the 360 hours waiting period? Or is it recommended to wait a couple of hours or even days longer just to be on the safe side?

Further, will the waiting period be extended if I try unlocking my device by mistake before the 360 hours period has expired?