How To Get Cerberus App Working On Mipad


Dec 12, 2016
Hi all,
I managed to run Cerberus app on my miPad with TWRP 3.0.2-0 and miUI Multilanguage stable.

Searching on this forum I found many people that have problems running this app, so I hope this guide could help even people that own different Xiaomi devices.

The problem is that we need to get Cerberus app running as System app, and to to this we must frist root the tablet.

I assume you have already installed on your tablet cerberus app.

Launch TWRP (vol+ button + power), MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SYSTEM, then select to Reboot the System; it ask you to install SuperSU.. say YES.

After system reboot launch the app and choose to install SuperSU via TWRP (you must be connected to Internet to accomplish this task...).

It download the ZIP file and automatically reboot in TWRP and install SuperSU.

After this you must install from PlayStore the "Link2SD" app.

1) launch the app and confirm permission right request (SuperSU)
2) scroll through the list of applications and select Cerberus app.
3) click on the Option Menu (right top corner)
4) select 'Convert to system app'

Now launch Cerberus and confirm admin permission right request (SuperSU), set every function you want from Cerberus and now it work!

Dont forget to set Cerberus to dont have limitation in battery consumption (translated menu items from Italian language sorry):
Settings -> Battery -> Set apps battery utilize -> Select applications -> System Apps -> Cerberus -> No limit

You can geo-localize your tablet even in standby (it must be connected to a wifi network with internet access) and you can lock the power down button into the lock screen (this sometimes does not work :( ) for example.
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