how to get the mi button to show "preview"


Mar 29, 2012
How can you set the Mi button (settings -> button) to show "preview" when you press it?
Is there anyway to make it everytime i press ti mi button that it shows the preview screen of all my desktops instead of having to press the button next to the "home" button and then preview :)
I'd love to have a mod where it shows the preview by default when zooming out, just like in the GB versions...
It seems that I cannot create custom shortcut for my MI button in ICS 2.5.25.
Yes, there's a problem with builds from miuiandroid, as the official ROMs do have support for mapping the MI button... (tested with current one: 2.6.29 and it works, and there are also settings for soft-light buttons)
Yeah im not sure why but miuiandroid seems to strip functions from the original version xiaomi.
They probably have there reasons but sometimes it sucks :cool:
are there many functions missing? I think the original rom is too overloaded.... too many chinese apps :(
They used to or still removes function they think or they have problems with not being stable at least. But those are functions others might have no issues with so not sure what they remove now.

Well of course they remove the chinese apps since we dont need them :D