How to Update you're rom?


Apr 5, 2011

I have MIUI rom for a few weeks on my HTC Desire.
Currently I have MIUIDEV-1.4.1 Rom, I see there is on the website a new Rom Released.
Now my question is, how can I upgrade to 1.4.8 without losing my data?
I just need to flash it over the other one? or what? :)

Thanks in advice :)
just flash over existing rom. do a backup 1st incase it doesnt work though 99.9% of the time it'll work fine. also clear cache
So first backup it with Rom Manager?
Then clear cache and flash over existing rom?
Backup your rom with your custom recovery, clockwork or amon ra.
You can do this trough rom manager to yes...
Also the included miui backup tool works great!

in the custom recovery : clear your cache and flash the new rom.
after that maybe a language pack if you need it.
i always clear cache and dalvik cache. never had any issue.

I currently have MIUI 1.3.5. I've been using it for a while now and want to update to 1.4.8. If I flash the new version, wouldn't I need to first take a backup of all the apps that I have using MIUI backup and then restore them again or is there a way around that i.e. the ROM itself updates keeping all the apps intact?