How to use a2sd+


Nov 25, 2010
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hope this tutorial helps.


1. make sure sd card is formatted with ext 2,3 or 4 check this by connecting to pc and running minitool partition wizard and then look at your sd there and see if your partition is there and what size it is you want around minimum 512.

2. if sd card is not partitioned boot phone in to recovery and partition sd card make sure BEFORE PARTITIONING YOUR SD CARD BACK IT UP TO YOUR COMPUTER because your sd card will be fully wiped Make your partition minimum 512mb and 0 swap unless your rom supports swap and you know what the pros and cons are.

3. open android market and download terminal emulator. ←- this one will work

4. open terminal emulator

5. type "su" then press enter and grant root access if keyboard is gone press and hold menu then type "a2sd install" and press enter now there will be stuff going on do not exit or do anything on phone until it reboots.

6. after rebooted open terminal again. type su then enter now type "a2sd check" then enter now scroll back up in terminal and look for apps on the right of the screen once you see that look to the left and look and make sure it say programs run from sd card and there is [ ] next to it not [ ... ] (... are there to show space)


also check your storage and see if it decrease this is another way you can tell if it worked. titanium backup is great for checking your storage and backing up apps.


7. now type "a2sd zipalign" after you type this youll see some words fly up the screen just wait till it stops and last line says setting file system ready property to 1. the next line will be #


8. check your storage you should see a decrease. if you want it to decrease more open terminal emulator and type "su" press enter then type "a2sd cachesd" press enter wait for reboot

9. this is an optional step. this will sometimes help with speed. now type "a2sd heapsize64" press enter and wait for reboot.

10. after reboot now check storage again and it should have dropped again. once you have done all this your phone will be running on your sd card and its internal memory so when sd card is mounted to pc your phone maybe a little slow. also boots will take a few seconds longer with dalvik moved to sd. now with your apps running from sd your apps will automaticly be installed there so its set it and forget it.

11. if you change roms and you want a2sd+ make sure the rom supports it and you will have to set it up again but after your sd card has been partitioned once if you never format it back to only one partition you will not need to repartition it like in step 2 but you can follow step one and see if your sd card is formatted correctly.
Nice tutorial krypticos,

Wish they had things like that when I started out :)

Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. I get as far as step 6. But when I type a2sd in the emulator I get "a2sd not found". Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

I am also geting this message when I type a2sd install at the su prompt.

Any advice?
Thanks alot for this guide man, really helped me out big time :) Was actually about to ditch rom but now everything works great!