HTC Desire: stuck on boot screen after changing a2sd settings

Feb 1, 2013
I am using MIUI Froyo on my HTC Desire and I was running out of app-memory despite the fact that I (thought I) had A2SD+ working so I went to the settings menu and changed the A2SD mode to "Apps only" (I can't remember what the different options were called, but it was basically about whether you want to move everything, including the dalvik-cache, or only Apps etc) and rebooted.

Since then I am stuck on the HTC splash screen. I have looked around recovery mode but could not find anything that looks like it's gonna help me except a brand new ROM. Before I go into those troubles, I am wondering if there is any quicker way out of this? Like booting into the last functioning configuration or something? Or changing the A2SD setting back to default?

Thanks for any hints!