New HTC One X MIUI 2.5.18


Jan 10, 2012
Device: HTC One X
Baseband version: 1.1204.103.14
Kernel Version: root@ABM041 #1
Build Number: MIUI - 2.5.18

  • When charging the device reaches maximum temperature before it melts, wich makes it difficult to maintain a body temperature beneath 40 degrees at night but makes it prefectly easy to quickly cook breakfast in the morning.
  • Sound and video problems, sounds you havent choosen are waking you up in the morning. Videos you want to watch are unwatchable. (Download another player and it works, and no it's not just porn)
  • The phones screen tends to "flickr".
  • The device reboots occasionally.
  • Possible 3G issue: When using TuneIn you get to hear the first 5 minutes then it restarts due to network problems.
screen flicker is fixed in latest RUU but presumably MIUI will have to port to newest base before we see the benefits. i have an issue with music playback from the lockscreen causing random rebooting. thats using htc player with beats enabled. i also have an issue with signal bars showing even when there is no network.