New HTC Sensation, MIUI 2.6.7 reboot


Jul 8, 2012

first my data:
Model number: HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e (actually its HTC Sensation... don't know why it's displayed wrong here)
Android version: 4.0.3
CPU: Dual Core 1.5 GHz
RAM: 768MB
Baseband version: 11.76A.3504.00U_11.24A.3504.31_M
Kernel version: 3.0.33-MSM8660-Sense-Faux234-v007
Build number: MIUI-2.7.6 IML74K

Logcat: (it was too long for

Problem: My phone reboots several times. It is mostly during sleep mode. It just wents off and starts again. It is not depending wether it is plugged in or not, but yesterday I tried to log a crash using adb shell & logcat, my phone lasted for 8 hours without a crash. I've unplugged it and 10 minutes later it rebooted again. I tried different Kernels but the problem was always existent. The log above was dumped by an app called Error Log Dump, the dump is made right after it booted, I'm not really sure wether the crash itself is logged or not. Regarding the timestamps this should be the case.

Thanks in advance for any advices :)

Best regards,