I cannot use the phone because of Email error


Jan 11, 2024
Hello Good day everyone!

My daughter-in-law sent me a redmi phone that was supposed to be used by her son. While the phone was with her, she logged in her son's gmail account who is underage. After deciding to give the phone to me, she reset the phone.

Now, the phone is with me. When I set-up the phone, I cannot log in the google account. At first, I thought that I needed to input my email. But it didn't work. There was a message indicated that the device was reset. I need to sign-in the email that was previously synced into the device. Therefore, I asked her the email of her son. She already recognized (security) the log-in of her son's email in the redmi phone on the google account. When I logged it in, it would go back to saying that I cannot proceed because I need to log-in the email that was previously synced with the device. But I already did it. I cannot use the phone at all. The software is MIUI 14.

Anyone who has a solution for this? It would really be a great help. Thank you.
Verify if you are required to enter the Mi account credentials or the mail account credentials. You could also provide a screenshot to make sure we understand where you are locked

Other than that, it is a custom ROM forum, the help we can provide is limited on this topic.