I can't update Mi Media Editor???


Jun 21, 2023

I can't update Mi Media Editor app to the latest version 1.6.0. I am currently using Mi app store to update all my apps. But I can't update mi media editor app. I tried many times since I updated my phone to android 13 miui 14 in 20/05/2023.


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If you are using xiaomi.eu ROM you should not try to update system apps. There is a reason why the developers block it.
If you still try to update, do not report errors here.
I can update all the system apps through Mi store except Mi gallery editor app. Help please...
It is not possible to update some system apps because the signature of some system apps comes from miui.eu, which is different from the signature of the apps provided by xiaomi.
If possible, miui.eu team use their signature to sign the new version of the apps from the official source, so that some system apps can be updated, such as browsers, music apps and so on.