I Flash My Mi4c And Bootloader Is Super Blocked With Dev 6.2.25

Jan 31, 2016
I had a problem with my phone and brieak, so I must flash.
Now my miui is china dev 6.2.25 and have no permisions to recovery and root.
My problem is when i update to stable , can´t verify info and don´t update. Why? I can´t no upgrade to older versions becasue can´t verity info.
Mi unlock can´t verify info too...

I have read at fórum and nothings Works, with china dev 6.1.14 Works fine but with 6.2.25 not.
I see in about phone Android Segurity patch level 2016-02-01

sorry for my bad english and thanks for work
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Jan 31, 2016
I go to http://www.miui.com/unlock/ and download mi unlock.zip
I write in the unlock web my phone number and become a sms its say that i can unlock now my miui.
The guide is in en.miui.com you can it search in google

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Feb 28, 2016
Thank you.
After completing the form I got message that I should wait 10 days for unlock approval :-(
for you it was instant?