I got 14 Pro, please explain what I need to do :)


Dec 25, 2023
Hi! I just got the 16GB/512GB Xiaomi 14 Pro from China, and I saw this cool video on YouTube from Velian Speaks Tech about it running the Xiaomi.EU ROM:
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I'm new here. Please explain who runs Xiaomi.EU are they all working for Xiaomi somewhat "unofficially"?

When can we expect OTA updated EU firmware to work "stable" for the Xiaomi 14 Pro?

I don't like all the Chinese spyware pre-installed and I'd like to have swipe left to Google Now (or how Google now calls it) and any other Google Apps smooth support.

Only thing that worries me a little bit about this phone, if true, is it lacks LTE Band 20 which is used in rural areas in Europe, right? As I live in rural area in Europe I hope it'll be fine anyway if true the LTE Band 20 is missing.

I saw another review about the Xiaomi 14 Pro saying that it might not be so easy to flash alternative ROMs to it?

If true that one has to completely flash reset all storage on it each time one wants to update to a new Xiaomi.EU ROM, right now, with no OTA support etc, what is the best way you use to backup all your apps and data in some kind of way to easily restore after updating the OS on your Xiaomi? Do you consider backing up your data and stuff to cloud and restore from that or do you do to like a Type-C SSD with bunch enough space on it to backup and then restore all your files each time you've updated your ROM?
Unlock bootloader first via a good service, then you can flash EU firmare or anything else you need.
It seems like you need to read a bit what all is involved. The information is available on this forum. You just need to read.