Idea (and question) for Devs (regarding themes)


Apr 29, 2011
Okay, so you just flashed your amazingly flashy new MIUI ROM, and language pack... you've got a couple themes and are ready to experiment, but... what's this? The MIUI theme still has a chinese name?

Easy fix - unzip the and head on over to and open description.xml in notepad. Go ahead and change those chinese characters between the < title > tags to 'Default'.

zip all of the files back up(important, must be .zip compression, not .rar, .7z etc), rename with .mtz instead of .zip, and rezip the

Presto, the default theme now shows up as such in theme manager.
->The same can be done for the round-icons theme

Why can this not be implemented in RCs?
You're renaming someones work that's not your own. You do know that, right?

How would you like it if someone renamed your work?
Actually he's not, as it is a direct translation. He has opened up a door to do that however.

Thank you. I believe that it's fairly standard practice for many products to translate names for international markets into the correct language. Its just the same as rendering 'miui' with Latin characters, isn't it?

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